Hello, my name is Josh. I’m fairly new to the amateur radio hobby compared to many, but I’ve been a radio and technology enthusiast since I was a child. Today I enjoy extra class privileges, operating, and building and systems around my radios. Power, networking, portability. The goal is to follow wherever my interests and the needs of the current situation take me. I’m interested in becoming a capable emergency communication operator who can work effectively for extended periods off grid or under grid down conditions. You’ll find me operating in the shack, in the wilderness, and in the city.

Josh, K7JLX
View of a grassy area surrounded by a wood and metal mesh fence, and trees with a wooden table, fence, and ocean in the background. The sky is cloudy and ocean waves crash against rocks. A woman sits on a wooden table with a cooler, drinks, and radio equipment staring at the ocean with an antenna near the table.